Golden Princess Party

Fizazzle can offer you the gift of celebrating your birthday as a true prince or princess with its very own specialized Royal Celebration package for kids all over, aged 5 to 12 years old. Kids can now turn their fantastical dreams of partying and feeling like a prince or princess on their special day. Parents alike can watch their kids reign the castle where they can party in ROYAL STYLE, accompanied by our top class, customized decoration. This party will surely fulfill all your creative desires of bringing the magical moments of the fairy tale world to life. With our very own Princess ballroom, a melodious musical sing-along and games…it will definitely be a birthday to remember.
Fizazzle had the elegant opportunity to craft out the works and wonders of the Princess Party, held at the luxurious St Regis Residences. Our Princess was dressed up in a yellow gown while the other children donned on different colors of gowns and knight costumes. It was a splendid and prestigious time where all the kids felt truly special. Fizazzle aims to live up to its name by planning parties that will surely go above and beyond any expectations. We bring magic to life and assure that each and every birthday child receives a SENSATIONAL experience out of our parties.


What’s a fine Princess Party without an extraordinary cake and a firework of colorful decorations? Another area of specialty that Fizazzle indulges in is, customized decorations. Specifically, the backdrop that we significantly work on to ensure it sets the entire theme of the party. The castle scene of the backdrop is very well used in this party as it sets the emotional and visual appeal. Both kids and parents to experience as they joyfully make their way into the birthday venue. As they enter, they really do feel like royalty!

Fizazzle creatively develops hand-made party bags by tuning it directly in line with the theme. We go the extra mile to choose and craft the design of the party bag. It is accompanied along with the many hand picked goodies that are inserted in each one. These party bags are handed out at the end of each party ensuring that each kid experiences the full effect of the party. This is very much significant as Fizazzle aims to enhance this emotional appeal in all of our parties.


Face Painting is one of our well-liked add-on that both parents and kids can enjoy during the party. Fizazzle has a specialized group of staff that can carry out face painting escapades with a range of varying designs and cool, intricate patterns. Anything that the birthday princess fancies, we shall paint away with our magical brushes! Another popular activity that is used within most of the parties will be Ribbon Twirling. This is a good activity to warm up the party ambience where the kids can participate in and prepare themselves for the rest of the upcoming games. Also, ribbon twirling causes a fine and graceful rhyme with the Princess party theme. It will most definitely look pleasing while it blends in with the gowns and costumes as the kids indulge in its wavy and pretty play.


Dive into the world of fairy tale myths with our classic story telling sessions. In the Princess Party at St Regis, kids experienced the enthralling world of fiery dragons while our Host; the Yellow Princess recites the Tales of a Dragon about Jack, her Dragon friend and all of his spectacular adventures. Performances as such are important to excite the kids and rejuvenate their party experience in a classic manner. As our storyteller curates the story, kids become more interactive and with that they feel more to engage in the party and the rest of the activities. With our exceptional hosts and their skillful storytelling techniques, the kids will definitely feel like a fairytale character come to life.


Knight endeavours, princess crowning sessions, ballroom dancing, and whatnot! Oh, how busy can a prince or princess get? All these fine and dandy activities that takes up the day of a princess can be fully experienced in our Princess party! However, it is essential to unwind and take a break after the elegant works of the day. Hence, Fizazzle shall come to the rescue and take our prince and princesses on an exciting rollercoaster ride with the many games pre-planned at hand. The Unicorn Race gets the kids up and running as they challenge each other in a relay, with their unicorn friend. The Princess Twist & Freeze is a chance for all kids to dance and play at the same time. How much more fun can a princess party become? Well, tune in to find out more.


As the party closes to a finish, knights, prince and princesses can join forces together and head on to obtain the special magical goodies hidden in the Piñata. They can show off their mighty skills and grit in this affair as they hit the Piñata. Anyone can see the genuine excitement on every kids face as the Piñata falls apart to the ground. It starts to rain sweets and candies and it is a scene of flourishing thrill as the kids come together to obtain the special goodies. This event marks the end of the party as it moves on to the cake cutting. All the friendly Prince and Princesses gather together to sing a Happy Birthday song while cutting the beautiful cake for the special Birthday princess of the day. Fizazzle aims to let the Birthday girl or boy have a good time with each and every kid present at the party. This leaves a bond of nostalgic attachment while they go through each and every game or activity of the party.

If our creative line of activities in the Princess Party astounds you, give us a ring or drop us an enquiry to book a royal date for your small and mighty Princess or Prince.



Party planning – Fizazzle

Princess Host – Liz T

Face Painting – Tanya

Assistants – Lisa and Shana

Photo Credits – PhotoPlay Bookable through Fizazzle

Decorations and Cake – Fizazzle

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