Birthdays come but once a year. That’s too long to wait for your next Fizazzle party! So, head on over to our YouTube channel – Fizazzle TV, where you’ll find weekly episodes to watch involving all your favourite Fizazzle characters. You know what to do – click that Subscribe button. Don’t forget to ring that Notification Bell too! That way, you’ll always know when the next episode goes live.

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A World of Wonder

Fizazzle is such a magical, enchanted island that new locations pop up and disappear in a puff all the time! So do come by regularly to keep up with what’s new in our world of wonder. We love to have you visit us!

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Collect your favourite Fizazzle storybooks for enchanting tales about your favourite characters
Order our Wonderwalls to stick on your wall and colour in, and be sure to check out our fabulous Wonderboxes filled with adventure!


Have you ever wondered how you can decorate your walls with something exciting, but something you can change whenever you want? That’s what our Wonderwalls are for! Stick up in your bedroom or in your waiting room at clinic or other public gathering spaces or even your school classroom or corridors.
And best yet, each one is themed differently to match your interests. What’s the first one you want to put on your wall and colour in? We’ve got Wonderwalls about Singapore, Christmas, animals, dinosaurs, mermaids, space and more!


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