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Fizzy’s Mermaid Party is a huge hit with both the children and parents alike.

Fizazzle's Mermaid Party is the first Mermaid pool party available in Singapore where your kids get to be a mermaid to.
When we say this is the most unique party in Singapore, that’s not a tall “tail”!
A massive hit with both kids and parents, Fizzy’s Mermaid Party captivates the imagination, makes a splash, and enchants all who attend.
Every child gets a realistic Mermaid Tail to wear, these tails are especially designed for in-water pool parties.
It’s a party experience every boy and girl with love, and never forget! Fizzy’s Mermaid Party is suitable for 15 -30 kids,

** Microphones and sound system is NOT provided, within this party - but is available as an add on**

If you have more than 15 kids you will choose one activity from our activity list and the group will be split between mermaid swim time and this activity then come together again. As due to safety the max number of kids in tails in the water will be fixed at 15 kids.

Want a mermaid party but don’t have a pool? No problem we can book a pool venue for you. Want a mermaid party but don’t want it in water? No problem check out our mermaid wonderbox – 5 great activities for any party. Our mermaid Fizzy host can come to host.

**Note if you are interested in this service but the timings dont work for you please contact us we will see if we can accommodate.**

Mermaid Party Highlights

The mermaid party is suitable for up to 30 kids, Base Pricing is for 15 kids.

  • Realistic Mermaid Performer
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Mermaid Tails for kids to wear
  • Mermaid Enchantment Games
  • Mermaid Floats
  • Photo opportunities Galore
  • Lifeguard

Pricing & Booking

The Mermaid party is suitable for up to 30 kids, Base Pricing is for up to 15 kids.

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Mermaid Pool Party - Up to 15 kids $850 Starts From
Mermaid Pool Party- Up to 30 kids $1,200 Starts From

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