Fizazzle HQ

Fizazzle is an innovative entertainment company that produces original entertainment for children featuring our own cast of proprietary Fizazzle brand characters. We bring enchantment and magic to every kid’s party through carefully planned and expertly hosted, interactive, Fizazzle-themed programmes, stage shows and activities.

Every Fizazzle party is a special event

Our fully trained professional performers (we call them Fizz Dazzlers, and they are a-maz-ing!) bring the Fizazzle World of Wonder into homes and party venues, bedazzling every guest with the magical wonders of Fizazzle Island and its colourful inhabitants. From costuming to programme design and event planning, we make sure that no detail is left untouched.


Beyond The Parties

To keep Fizz Fans (that’s what we call kids who love our Fizazzle world!) entertained between parties, we host Fizazzle TV , a vibrant collection of TV episodes featuring our beloved Fizazzle characters. We also publish a series of children’s reading books , which tell captivating stories of the goings on at Fizazzle Island, and we offer a host of activities , available through our store, to keep children learning, creating, exploring and growing. Fizazzle party programmes, books, TV shows and activities all feature underlying educational content, regularly updated to cover current trends and world issues.

Bringing the Fizazzle World of Wonder to the world

To cast the Fizazzle spell beyond Singapore’s shores, we offer licensing arrangements to performers interested to deliver Fizazzle’s proprietary programmes in their location. We currently offer Fizazzle entertainment in Singapore, and London and would love to hear from interested licensees in other locations and countries.

Our vision is for every kid to have a little Fizazzle in their lives.

Dancer, Performer, Kids Entertainer, Storyteller, Bollywood Regular, Mum.

Meet Our Founder
- Tanya Quinn

Tanya is the creator of the Fizazzle World of Wonder. While she’s now super busy co-ordinating the growth of Fizazzle around the world (you know, so every kid can have a little Fizazzle in their lives), she still has to get in on the party action and host some of our parties. And it’s because she loves to dance.

In fact, Tanya was born (in 1984 in Northern Ireland) to dance. Liverpool John Moores University agreed, when she walked away after 3 years of intense practice with a BA Hons in Dance Studies. Bollywood came calling when she started her professional dance career in London, and she performed as a dancer in many music videos and feature films.



Looking to support herself between dance gigs, Tanya worked in the events industry and, spotting a gap in the market, in 2006 she formed her first events entertainment company in London. EXTROVERT UK specialised in creating dance shows, and listed Bloomberg and House of Fraser among its clients.

Looking for that sweet spot where her two passions – dance and entertainment – meet demand in the market, Tanya moved into kids entertainment in 2009 and has never looked back. She has amassed an impressive portfolio working with many world-renowned companies including Vertu, Harper’s Bazaar, Massimo Dutti, Ralph Lauren, etc. as well as highly respected Singapore-based companies such as Resorts World Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Cricket Club, Tanglin Mall and SAFRA.

Embarking on the next stage of her entrepreneurial journey, Tanya used the pandemic period to re-invent her entertainment company Fizazzle. She has launched her own proprietary stable of characters who inhabit the Fizazzle World of Wonder, with spin-off party programmes, books, a TV channel and merchandise, all under the Fizazzle brand. Tanya is actively seeking a television deal for her own children’s TV show, and has set her sights on global expansion, licensing the brand overseas so that, one day, every kid in the world can have a little Fizazzle in their lives.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Fizz Dazzlers!

Tanya Quinn

Creator of the Fizazzle World of Wonder

Tanya was born to dance, perform, entertain and tell stories. While she’s now super busy co-ordinating the growth of Fizazzle around the world (you know, so every kid can have a little Fizazzle in their lives), she still has to get in on the party action! You’ll see her hosting some of our parties from time to time because she just can’t stay away!



One of the most popular and in-demand kids party entertainers in Singapore, Jasper is a one-of-a-kind magician and kids birthday planner. Best known for his magic shows, which appeal to children and adults alike, he has helped thousands of parents turn their children’s birthday parties into cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Stage Show Performer

Willis is a multi-talented entertainer who delights his audiences with a wide repertoire of juggling acts. Blending humour and high-energy juggling with his unique style, he has fascinated crowds from Singapore and countries such as China, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia.


Bookkeeping, Accounts manager and Costuming

We bet you don’t have an Accounts Manager that also makes costumes. Nadya does! In addition to managing the day-to-day accounts and bookkeeping, Nadya has handmade 90% of our costumes while in the office! But she doesn’t stop there. She also attends our parties occasionally, not because she has to but just to keep in touch with staff on the ground and stay familiar with what we offer. Talk about above and beyond!


Princess Isla, Fairy Febe, Fizzy Mermaid

Well, Liz is one of our original performers, so she can play all of our female characters and has done so over the years she’s been with Fizazzle since 2012. As we have evolved so has Liz. She’s a solid all round performer whose high energy is catching. And it’s no wonder. She  comes from a background in the theatre, having studied at SOTA, and has a long list of past and current theatre projects up her sleeve.  


Stage Show performer

An award-winning performer and entertainer who is the only juggler featured in the Singapore National Day Parade 2008 Red On Red Video screened to thousands at Marina Bay, and the Opening Launch of Singapore Biennale 2008. 

His act is a mix of juggling and comedy with interactive elements.

Irdina Iman

Fairy Febe Peformer/Princess Isla Performer

With an immense love for the stage, Iman enchants and entertains with a great passion in her heart. Acting and singing have always accompanied her in her love for performing, especially, when it’s as a princess or your favourite fairy character. A collaborator with Fizazzle, and an alumni of SOTA, her theatre training promises a professional and magical performance always.


Mermaid Fizzy Performer/Water based Previously a Latin and Ballroom dancer

Ruth discovered her deep passion for the water through kayaking, sailing and diving. Embracing the enchanting world of mermaiding, she now specializes in hosting magical water-themed events, spreading joy and wonder to all, especially children. With a heart that belongs to the sea, Ruth continues to share the magic of the ocean, one performance at a time.


Mermaid Fizzy Performer/Land based

Denice is a pocket-sized bundle of energy who delights audiences with her mermagic.

While some of her mermaid magic skills must remain a secret, Denice can’t help but wannabe mermaids some of her mermaid tricks so they can live their fullest mermaid dream.


Extraordinary Prince Performer

Malcolm is a highly versatile performer specialising in mascots with over hundreds in different mascot character ranges under his belt and counting. He is also a live show dinosaur host and conducts highly interactive dinosaur activities with live dino puppets. His energy is contagious, a true livewire that every party loves!

Kasper Hakim

Captain Bluebird Performer

Actor, emcee and party host, Kasper has been working with and teaching kids, teenagers and adults for more than a decade. With a solid performing and teaching background, Kasper prioritises fun and inclusion above all else. A kid-at-heart, he is always ready, flexible and adaptable to turn up the volume on any party situation to maximum fun!


Princess Isla Performer/Dance Party & Pool Programme Assistant

Tiffany started dancing in Hong Kong in 2013 and is trained in several different street styles. She is experienced in teaching new and experienced dancers and is able to create a tailor-made agenda that suits different dance levels. 

A professional swimming coach, Tiffany can help your child navigate fun activities in the water safely and with ease.


Extraordinary Prince Performer, Captain Bluebird, and Fizz Up your Party host.

Chia  is a versatile performer whose energy and enthusiasm really brings a party to life.  He is  highly interactive. His energy is contagious, a true livewire that every party loves!  Chia performs many different characters and is able to adapt easily to different environments.


Dance Party Host, Enchanted Party Host

Tanya comes from a Dance background and teaches dancing regularly to kids.  She loves working with kids and has a variety of experience to bring the fun to the party.


Dinosaur Party program Host. Dance Party Host, and Fizz Up your Party host.

Eliza is a fun performer with a fantastic vocal range and ability to perform many disciplines.  She  can sing, dance and act making her a triple threat performer.  Eliza is definitely one to look out for at your party.

Join Us

Want to be a Fizz dazzler too?

Fizazzle is always on the look-out for like-minded fun performers to join us. Whether you are interested to join the crew here in Singapore, or to take up our license to bring Fizazzle to wherever you are in the world, we’d love to hear from you!

Our work is fun and easily managed, with full training and materials provided and great pay opportunities.

Work With Us

Current Opportunities

Program Leaders

  • Love kids?!
  • Hosting and Program Leader experience
  • Independent, reliable and fun

Program Assistants

  • Help out at parties and events
  • Run activity stalls
  • Independent, reliable and fun