Custom LOL Party

With this LOL what was apparently a very simple set up turned in to an epic challenge.  Birthday Girl wanted an LOL styled party so Fizazzle put their heads together to come up with a fun LOL Carnival.  Equipped with gazebo carnival stalls, and outdoor picnic setting.   The indoor lounge space was set up just for the dessert table.

Disaster Avoided

But wow what seemed like a simple brief quickly became an almost disaster.  The wind flow through the area was crazy and the gazebos kept blowing away.  Sand bags, water bags, tent pegs and more couldn’t keep the gazebos in place.  And the stage was the same a solid piece of wood with nothing to support it but sand and water bags became a hazard of falling.  We had to think fast as all the decor was up and the party was ready to go but the staff were all standing around holding the tents and stage from blowing away.  Luckily we have allot of event friends and after calling around one of our friends Propz came to our rescue with large barrels to fill full of water to hold everything in place.  We weren’t expecting the chaos of the wind we thought we were prepared with our sand bags and water but we were very very wrong.  We lost one tent which after blowing away was completely destroyed but the event went on.    Lucky for us the wind settled and we had no issues throughout the event.

The Main Entertainment

The Event was hosted by Emcee Xin Xuan who delivered some fun Stage Games especially designed with the birthday girls interests at heart and the carnival theme.  Carnival stalls where available throughout for the kids to win prizes and play to their hearts content.  Bubble play was featured in the middle of all the carnival gazebos.   All of this was followed by a Magic Show by Jasper.

Catering and Champagne were in full flow for the adults in attendance.

We where thankful when this party was over and went without any mishaps as the set up was such a challenge we where really concerned we weren’t going to pull this one off.  We have learnt alot from this event and have now put inlace further ways to ensure success for outdoor programs like this one.

The Cake

The event was of course topped of by the cake cutting ceremony, cake and desserts by Celebrate with Cake with cupcakes, cookies, bon bons, macaroons, jelly cups, popcorn and more no detail was left unturned


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