Fins Mermaid Party

With Fizazzle’s revamped and elite mermaid party program designed for up to 30 children, this fantasy is no longer restricted by reality. Parents can now dazzle your kids with a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Fin our mermaid, AND become exquisite mermaids themselves. This party program is beyond unique as it is the ONLY mermaid party in Singapore that possesses these realistic elements.

2015 is definitely the year for myths to come alive with numerous bookings for our Deluxe “Fin’s Mermaid Pool Party”. Our exclusive but gratifying packages start from $1,200 with our extensive program outline which is fit for children over 5 years of age and remarkably, for the engagement of the adults as well. Fizazzle aims to host and plan parties that involves each individual guest and that, I would say is the factor that differentiates us from other party planners. We believe in the term, “The More The Merrier”.

The Deluxe “Fin’s Mermaid Pool Party” has a program outline as such:

30min max Arrival Activity

Ribbon Twirling & Glitter Tattoo


Storytelling Introduction by Fin

Kids are split up into groups of 10 or less

Group 1 – Mermaid School

Group 2 – Bubble Play

 Group 3 – Mermaid Games

Groups Switch

 Group 1 – Bubble Play

Group 2 – Mermaid Games

Group 3 – Mermaid School

Groups Switch

Group 1 – Mermaid Games

Group 2 – Mermaid School

Group 3 – Bubble Play

Cake cutting & Happy Birthday Song

Ribbon Twirling & Glitter Tattoos

Ribbon twirling & glitter tattoo are modest yet enjoyable arrival activities that act as a ‘waiting time’ for all the children to be present and prepared for the rest of the program. Parents get to enjoy them as well, which is a significant way for them to bond with their children on their special day.

Meeting Fin the Mermaid

Once all the guests had arrived it was time to met the Mermaid – “Hello Fin”  The children and parents where all very excited and impressed by Fin and had a lot of questions for her.  Fin told them all her story about how she got to Singapore and how she got her Fins.

Mermaid School

What creates the most excitement is undoubtedly “Mermaid School” as the children get an exceptional experience to become a mermaid. Now, that’s rare and UNFORGETTABLE. The children are given their very own mermaid tails that are ideal for children aged 5 to 9 years of age. All children at this party are expected to have good swim ability. Nonetheless, a Life Guard will be assigned for the party to ensure safety for the children. At the end of “Mermaid School”, the children will have learnt how to swim with a mermaid fin and certain tricks which makes this all the more distinctive.

Bubble Play

It’s a rather family-orientated activity and it is entertaining for even the adults as it is undeniably a notch further from usual bubble-based equipment. The bubbles are massive which creates a whole enchanting atmosphere, allowing children and guests to feel the magical element of “Fin’s Mermaid Pool Party”.

Mermaid Games

Fizazzle’s original games are a hit with the children at all our parties as it creates an element of subtle challenges, which urges the children on. It’s an excellent way to get the children to socialize with each other while having fun! The most important thing about our games is that everyone is a winner and that reaches out to the children’s soft hearts.

Well, if you are unconditionally smitten, mesmerized and impressed with what our Deluxe “Fin’s Mermaid Pool Party” has to offer and dream of having the most DAZZLING birthday party in the world, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Fizazzle now!

Photo Fun


Party planning – Fizazzle

Mermaid Host – Liz G as Fin the Mermaid (Fizazzle Original Character)

Glitter Tattoos and Bubbles – Erika (Fizazzle Staff)

Games and Water play – Carly Mck and Allison (Fizzle Staff)

Photo Credits – Photographer Ashley (Bookable through Fizazzle)

Video Credits –  Videographer Steve (Bookable through Fizazzle)

Decorations and Cake – Clients own (please see Fizazzle Decoration if you are interested in decoration services)


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