Custom Harry Potter Party

The Ballroom transformation commenced the night before and took over 12hrs of work involving carpenters, decorators and prop designers. The elaborate stage set up took 6 men all night to construct at over 30ft high and 40ft wide it was to be a spectacular scene setter.  Complete with custom made 3D golden owl reading prop just like that Dumbledore uses in the movie.

3 other movie scenic areas where also set up complete with 3D elements to bring it all to life.  The platform scene, Voldemort and Dumbledore battle scene and ? scene.  The set up also incorporated the linear seating plan of the Grand hall complete with candelabras and various other table top props.

The guests arrived at the reception area to sign the guest scroll and receive their own Harry Potter House Cloak and scarf or their choice.

Arrival Activities included – Potion Making,  Photo Booth and even a Dragon Bounce Castle.  

The Main Entertainment

The Evening commenced with a spectacular musical entrance by the Hogwarts school band aka Water Drumming performers.   This definitely set the spectacular scene of the evening.  Fizazzle character performer then made an entrance as Dumbledore and welcomed all the guests to the event.  He then went on to welcome to the ballroom some popular hogwarts character including, Ron, Heroine and of course Harry Potter.

Thus commenced a series of Harry Potter Games presented in a stage show fashion, the kids had broomstick training, Quidditch, find the snitch and more.

This was then followed by Magic Training Class with our magician Jason who not only performed his show for the guests but also taught them a few tricks as well.

And there was more after magic training came Wizardry class with performer Jimmy who also performed his show and got the kids involved as well.

The finally of the entertainment came with the defeat of Voldemort.  Voldemort was a piñata custom made in-house by ourselves and filled to the brim with candy and harry potter themed fillers.  Everyone took turns to bash Voldemort and finally over come the dark one.

The Cake

The event was of course topped of by the cake cutting ceremony, cake provided by Cake Sensations was a 5 tier fondant cake with a Sorting hat topper and many magical harry potter themed details made completely from fondant.  Oh and not forgetting they had a confetti blast finale.

To date this is the biggest most extravagant party we have hosted and we cant wait to do more of similar size and calibre.


The program of games designed specifically for this party was such a hit that it has been heavily implemented within the Fizazzle Wizard party program bookable anytime.

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