Christmas Storytelling


Traditional Storytelling included costumed christmas performer with books.  The Performer will sit down with the children or stand to tell the stories directly from the books.

The Littlest Christmas Tree by R.A Herman                       A Wish to be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe

Bear Stays up for Christmas by Jane Chapman                 Goodnight Santa by Nick East

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll                        Bad Kittys Christmas by Nick Bruel

The Littlest Elf by Brandi Dougherty                                     Is it Christmas Yet by Jane Chapman

The Littlest Christmas Elf by Nikki Shannon Smith           How Santa Got his Job by Stephen Krensky

The Night before the Night before Christmas by Natasha Wing




Interactive Storytelling is different to traditional style it involves the performer telling the story with out a book.  Plus the Session includes interactive elements for the kids to get involved in.   For example they may all be asked to join in a dance, help find santa letters, play musical instruments or sing songs.  Each story is different as is the interactive elements.

Interactive Storytelling is fun and engaging and can make a great centraised stage feature for any event. All our Stories are our own Stories therefore their is no licensing required for our story telling sessions. We come in full costume and bring along music and props needed to bring the stories to life. Story sessions last approx. 15mins.

* When Santa Got Lost by Tanya Quinn

* Elves to the Rescue by Tanya Quinn

* Ellie and Renne Save Christmas by Tanya Quinn

* The Last Present by Tanya Quin

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