Fizz Up Your Party
Design it yourself

Fizz Up Your Party
Design your own Party Program with all Fizazzle elements and props at your disposal!

You’ll have it planned in just 3-4 easy steps!


Choose your activities

  • Balloon Modeller
  • Bath bomb making (5yrs +)
  • Bubble Play
  • Crafts to Theme
  • DUPLO Station
  • Face painter
  • Glitter Tattoo
  • Jewellery Making (5yrs+)
  • LEGO Station (5yrs +)
  • Play Doh Station 
  • Potion Making
  • Seasonal activity
  • Sensory Play Area
  • Slime making (5yrs +)
  • Soap Making (5yrs +)
  • Toy Making (5yrs +)
  • Wonderwall

Add on Party Host

When you choose hosting the host will deliver 2 arrival activities (you can choose from our list) along with 1hr Hosted Program. 

Let us know what you want the party host to do choose from the list below :

  • 15mins Parachute Games
  • 15mins Treasure Hunt
  • 15mins Storytelling
  • 15mins Dance games – freeze dance, musical bumps etc.
  • 15mins Cake cutting
  • 30mins Dance session
  • 30mins Traditional Party games – duck duck goose, musical statues etc.
  • 30mins Themed party games – make it to my theme.
STEP 3: ADD A SHOW (5yrs +)

If you want to make your party longer consider adding on a show…

  • 30min Magic show
  • 30mins Circus Show
  • 30mins Dinosaur Show
  • 30mins Fizazzle Island Puppet Show

Sound System & Microphone 


Pricing & Booking

The Pool party is suitable for up to 30 kids, Base Pricing is for 15 kids.

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Fizz Up Your Party - Activities Only
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Our Party Add Ons

Fizazzle offers a range of 'Add On' services to further enhance your party from our eco-friendly decorations hirer to additional activities. See below for a list of party add ons we feel are great if you want to add more to your Customised Party Experience.

What's New At FIZAZZLE?

We are constantly expanding the range of services offered


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  • I wonder if mermaids are real?

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