Kids Pool Party

Fizazzle’s Pool Party is one of the most fun programs we have. With Wet and Pool Games we will keep your little ones entertained for the full duration of the party.

Party Package includes Program Host, Life Guard, Pool Party Assistant.  Pool Games and out of the water wet Games. This party program is suitable for up to 30 children pricing from 15 kids. The program will be adapted accordingly to suit the age range of the children in attendance. All equipment needed to conduct the Games program are provided. If you have more than 30 children please see our party planning service. All Children should be able to swim for this party. If your children can not swim confidently please advise in advance as we will need to adapt the program to account for this.

** Microphones and sound system is NOT provided, within this party **

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    Pool Party

    1. Arrival Activity - Glitter Tattoos
    2. 2hr Fully Facilitated Program
    3. Life Guard in attendance
    4. Giant Pool Floats
    5. Pool & Wet Games
    6. Back up plan incase of rain included

    For a comprehensive list of services relating to our Pool Party and a Full program/ schedule breakdown please contact us.

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    For up to 15 kids - $850
    (Includes 3 staff)

    1 program facilitator

    1 assistant

    1 lifeguard

    Additional kids - $40pp.

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    • Giant Pool Floats
    • 2hr Facilitated Pool Fun
    • Cake Cutting
    • Life Guard
    • Wet Weather Backup Plan

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    • Décoration Hirer
    • Bubble Play
    • Slime Making
    • More, more, more floats!!
    • Stage Shows

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    Add Ons…

    Fizazzle offers a range of 'Add On' services to further enhance your party from our eco-friendly decorations hirer to additional activities.   See below for a list of party add ons we feel are great if you want to add more to your Pool Party.

    Frequently Asked Questions..

    Can’t find what your looking for?

    No problem the fun can continue: If the rain is light – we can still continue with the normal pool party program. If the rain is heavy – and the kids are happy to continue in the rain we will go ahead with the fun (they are getting wet anyway) but if they are getting cold and/or would rather not be out int he rain then you just need to have a indoor area to locate to – our team will play dry games with the kids until the rain resides or the party time is over. If thunder & lighting – Im sorry we can not enter the water with thunder and lighting in the area.

    The amount of Floats depends on the number of guests 5 floats will come out if you select up to 10 kids and 1 additional float for every 4 extra kids.

    2 of the floats are pre-selected and the remainder the client can select from our list of floats available.  Floats do burst and at times the float you have selected may burst at a party prior to yours in which case we will ask you to select a different float as we would not have time to get that specific float in on time.

    Yes all our parties have life guard in attendance

    No, as all the kids should be able to swim proficiently.  However if you would like to book flotation devices just incase some of your guests are not strong swimmers we do have them available for hirer if you will like to add them to your package do let us know.

    The short answer is yes you can still have a party.  However the games may need to be tweaked to account for the kids who can not swim confidently.  If your party is majority can swim well and just a few whom cant then we always cater to the majority.

    If all of your kids can not swim then the party must be held at a shallow or baby pool area.

    Party Programs – Set up takes approx. 30mins however we normally arrive with at least 45mins to set up the programs

    Dazzle your guests with Fizazzle’s Bespoke Party Planner service. We specialize in Children’s, & Family Birthdays, Special Occasions and Events.

    A bespoke party delivered by Fizazzle is guaranteed to ‘Fizz up your Party’ and ‘Dazzle your guests’, so why not ‘Burst out of the box’ and get planning with us. You can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun.

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