Dance Party


Boys and Girls alike enjoy our dance parties.  With skilled dance teachers across all genres from Hip Hop to Bollywood to Ballet and everything in between, we’re sure to have your guests grooving.

Our “Dance Program” is a jam-packed 2-hour long party.  The Program is facilitated by skilled dance teachers from different genres.  Designed to pump your heart’s strings and make you groove to every beat!
Especially accompanied with Disco Lights, Sound system with microphone and a lot of fun Dance props such as pompoms and dance ribbons to get everybody’s feet tapping!
Fizazzle’s Dance Party Package offers a fun-filled program that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Program props include the use of Disco lights, Sound system, microphone, pom poms, dance ribbons, inflatable instruments, top hats, fancy glasses, feather boas, and many more. (REDUCED ITEMS IN COVID PRICING)

** For parties of more than 30 guests consider Fizazzle’s Dance show or call us to see how we can best accommodate your party requirements.. **


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, your family can now have 5 guests attend at your home at any one time, therefore in order to deliver a program and ensure you get the most out of it we have reduced the staff for this program to just the Program host.  No other staff, so you can have the maximum guest allowance.  If does also mean the equipment brought out for the program is reduced as one person can only carry so much.   We can also do a program where we do 1hr with one group of guests and a second hour with a different group.   Call us or text for more info.  Things are changing all the time with restrictions and guidelines so do bear with us if today the guidelines are one thing but then by the time of your party they are different again.

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    Dance Party Highlights.

    1. Disco Lights & Professional Sound System (Reduced!!)
    2. Arrival Activity - Dance Ribbons
    3. Dance Program Host
    4. Lots of Dancing
    5. Red Carpet Runway
    6. Fun Party Accessories
    7. Customisable to any Dance Style


    For a comprehensive list of services relating to our Dance Party and a Full program/ schedule breakdown please download our Brochure here.

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    Reduced contents & Staff
    Program host only
    Equipment reduced

    In home program 5 guests plus your household

    For up to 15 kids - $750
    (Includes 2 staff)

    Additional Kids
    15-30 Kids + $250 (3 Staff)
    30-45 Kids + $500 (4 Staff)

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    • Disco Lights
    • Sound System
    • 2hrs of Facilitated Fun
    • Cake Cutting

    Enhancements Available

    • Decorations
    • Face Painting
    • Stage Shows
    • Extras - Party Bags, Invites, Catering, Dessert Tables, Cake

    Our Party
    Add Ons…

    Fizazzle offers a range of 'Add On' services to further enhance your party from our eco-friendly decorations hirer to additional activities.   See below for a list of party add ons we feel are great if you want to add more to your Dance Party.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Can’t find what you are looking for?

    Yes we bring along disco lights to help create the dance party feel.  And yes we bring a proper Yamaha Stage pass sound system.

    We will customise a music list to your requirements.  If you don't have anything specific we will use whats currently popular for your age group

    No, our microphones are head microphones which are specifically for the host to wear so they can be heard over the party music.

    The adults are more than welcome to join in yes.  We encourage them to do so,  however we won't force anyone to join so its up to the individual.

    Party Programs – Set up takes approx. 30mins only.

    Dazzle your guests with Fizazzle’s Bespoke Party Planner service. We specialize in Children’s, & Family Birthdays, Special Occasions and Events.

    A bespoke party delivered by Fizazzle is guaranteed to ‘Fizz up your Party’ and ‘Dazzle your guests’, so why not ‘Burst out of the box’ and get planning with us. You can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun.

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