String Puppet Theatre

Fizazzles Fairytale puppet show comes along with a full scale Puppet Theatre Set up. The set up needs to be done prior to party guests arrival see technical requirements. Show lasts approx 30mins This full puppet stage show is an elaborate and fun stage show addition to any party. Go along with Princess Amelia as she journeys into the forest in search of a friend but ends up meeting a talking rock and almost getting captured by a wicked witch. This fun show is full of laughs for both children and adults alike. The show characters will finish the show by bringing the puppets out of the theatre to meet the children and take photos. The Puppet show involves 3 performers and 3 puppets.

The Freestanding Puppet stage is 10 ft x 10ft approx The puppets themselves are about 26” tall

This Show is a stage show and has some technical requirements listed below – if you are not a events company then you will need to arrange these technical requirements through Fizazzle in order to ensure smooth running of your event.


1 x Microphones

Sound System

Sound operator

10 x 10ft stage or space for puppet theatre

Stage Riser or Tables behind the stage for performers to stand on and operate the puppets.

Please contact us with any questions or to book a date for your party.

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