School of Wizardry Party

Wing-GAR-dium Levi-O-sa… Potters rejoice as this party will not only see your guests do potion making but will also teach them several magic tricks including how to levitate a wand.

With photo opportunities galore, Fizazzles Wizard school has a Hogwarts costumed host, and a jam packed 2hr program of fun.  Which not only includes a professional Quidditch competition but also allows your guests to learn magic, make potions and even defeat the dark lord Voldemort.

All props used are official Harry potter merchandise.

** For parties of more than 30 guests including adults please see our party planning services. **

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    School of Wizardry Highlights...

    1. Arrival Activity - Potion Making
    2. Fun & Professional Program Host
    3. Talking Sorting Hat
    4. Quidditch
    5. Magic Training
    6. Voldemort Piñata


    For a comprehensive list of services relating to our School of Wizardry Party and a Full program/ schedule breakdown please download our Brochure here.

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    For up to 15 kids

    (Includes 2 staff)

    Additional Kids
    15-30 Kids + $250 (3 Staff)
    30-45 Kids + $500 (4 Staff)

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    • 2hrs Facilitated Fun
    • Potion Making
    • Magic Training
    • Quidditch

    Enhancements Available -

    • Decoration Hirer
    • Magician Crafts
    • Stage Shows and more
    • Extras - Party Bags, Invites, Catering, Dessert Tables, Cake

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    Add Ons…

    Fizazzle offers a range of 'Add On' services to further enhance your party from our eco-friendly decorations hirer to additional activities.   See below for a list of party add ons we feel are great if you want to add more to your School of Wizardry Party.

    Frequently Asked Questions..

    Can’t find what your looking for?

    We will bring enough cloaks for all the kids to wear

    No we are not afflicted with Harry Potter.  However all the props used during our program are all genuine Harry Potter products.  Our program is heavily inspired by the movies and books.

    It depends on availability we can guarantee a host in Harry potter cloak but no particular characters can be guaranteed.

    No our games do not have winners or losers so we do not give prizes.  All kids will get candy and party favours from the piñata at the end.

    Party Programs – Set up takes approx. 30 mins only.

    The more the better.  But if your space is small we will adapt our program to suit your space.

    Dazzle your guests with Fizazzle’s Bespoke Party Planner service. We specialize in Children’s, & Family Birthdays, Special Occasions and Events.

    A bespoke party delivered by Fizazzle is guaranteed to ‘Fizz up your Party’ and ‘Dazzle your guests’, so why not ‘Burst out of the box’ and get planning with us. You can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun.

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