Rosie the Witch 6ft Mascot

The ancient practice of Stilt walking still delights and astonishes. Give your party a Mardi Gras feel. Add a sense of drama or grandeur with our costumed Stilt walking performers.

Each professional Stilt Walker can be costumed to suit any style. Look through the list of costumes available or we can create a bespoke costume for your event.

Our Stilt Walkers can be as seen doing walkabout or giving out candies or you can upgrade to Giant Bubble Making Stilt Walker, Poi Stilt Walker or Ribbon Twirling Stilt Performer

Dazzle your guests with Fizazzle’s Bespoke Party Planner service. We specialize in Children’s, & Family Birthdays, Special Occasions and Events.

A bespoke party delivered by Fizazzle is guaranteed to ‘Fizz up your Party’ and ‘Dazzle your guests’, so why not ‘Burst out of the box’ and get planning with us. You can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun.

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