The Circus has finally arrived to town to turn your world topsy-turvy!

Care to party in fancy fun with carnival games and goodies! Have a friendly birthday treat and party in cirque style with our interactive hosts all dressed up to entertain. Whip out the popcorn machine, start popping those hot corns and gather the children to experience a carnival party. Parents, feel free to join in the games with your fair weathered children and have a blasting time to appease your party experience!

Fizazzle’s Carnival party entails a variety of distinctive games and activities not commonly played in many kids’ parties here, in Singapore. Hence, the first time celebration of a carnival themed birthday party can be experienced, right now all at the tip of your fingertips. The recent party planned and organized by Fizazzle was set at the convenient, homely district of our client.

Hula Hoop Workshop

Enjoy the hypnotizing effects of the juggling act as performed by our talented juggler. Indulge in some sneaky tricks, twists and turns that you and your kids will never predict. This is a rather popular act that Fizazzle attempts to incorporate in line with the theme of the party. It displays the carnival thrill that both kids and parents will love to feel while watching. As the juggling performance comes to an end, kids shall anticipate the beginning of the Magic show. The fiery combination of a juggling performance along with the rolls and rumbles of the surprising magic attacks whipped up by our magician completes the evergreen carnival element. To simply add on, kids certainly have an eye fiesta watching these acts that aims to deservingly receive their wonderful undivided attention throughout the party.

The recent Carnival party aimed to accomplish the goal of creating games that were very parent-child friendly. Glad to say, they most certainly had a marvelous carnival time while playing the games!

There are many fun and exciting things to do with Hula Hoops! What better way for kids to watch their parents belt it out in a Hula Hoop competition where they have to showcase their waist hooping skills to see who can keep the hoop going the longest. The one, who does keep it going the longest, WINS!