Christmas Sing & Dance A Long

Follow along and join in the Fun! Fizazzle’s Dance Along is a performer hosted dance session which will get everyone up and dancing- some people will be asked to come up on stage during the session. You can choose your own song list or we will recommend a song list for you. This is a really fun inteactive Stage time which will get everyone up on their feet and dancing. The Dance-a-long session lasts approx. 30 mins. The Dance-a-long is normally done for a mass group of children or adults. We can offer host in Christmas costume or in company T-shirt. We can also offer customised sessions to include props such as pompoms, flags, ribbons etc.
This Show is a stage show and has some technical requirements listed below – if you are not a events company then you will need to arrange these technical requirements through Fizazzle in order to ensure smooth running of your event.

Let it Go, Snow give me Snow, Bing Bang Christmas, Jingle Bells, Rocking around the Christmas Tree etc.

Head Microphone,
Sound system,
Music person
20 x 10fft Stage space
Water a Lot of Water

Please contact us with any questions or to book a date for your party.

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