Play Days Party


Perfect for family parties and especially for kids parties 3yrs and under.

“Play Days” is a program especially designed for younger children who’s attention span is short. Clients can choose 3 items from a large list of activities which will keep their guests busy for the first hour of the party.
Our hosts will then engage the kids in a dance-a-long session with a music list selected, by you the client. They will round up the session with some classic and fun party games that all the kids will know and enjoy.The “Play Days” Party Package includes a Party host, an assistant, music system & microphone, 3 activities chosen by the client and customised by us, a fun dance session and games.

** Amount of party materials and staff which come along is dependent on the number of kids expected. **


Due to Covid-19 restrictions your family can now have 8 guests attend at your home at any one time, therefore in-order to deliver a program and ensure you get the most out of it we have reduced the staff for this program to just the Program host.  No other staff, so you can have the maximum guest allowance.  If does also mean the equipment brought out for the program is reduced as one person can only carry so much.   We can also do a program where we do 1hr with one group of guests and a second hour with a different group.   Call us or text for more info.  Things are changing all the time with restrictions and guidelines so do bare with us if today the guidelines are one thing but then by the time of your party they are different again.

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    Play Days Party Highlights...

    1. 1hr Activity Time
    2. Three Activities
    3. Fun, Friendly & Professional host
    4. Dance & Sing-a-long Session
    5. Party Games


    For a Full program and schedule breakdown please download our Brochure here.

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    Reduced contents & Staff
    Program host only
    Equipment reduced

    In home program 7 guests plus your household

    For up to 15 kids - $750
    (Includes 2 staff)

    Additional Kids
    15-30 Kids + $250 (3 Staff)
    30-45 Kids + $500 (4 Staff)

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    • 2hrs of Fun
    • Professional Friendly Hosts
    • 3 x Activities
    • Dancing
    • Games

    Enhancements Available  

    • Eco Friendly Decoration Hirer
    • Stage Shows and more
    • Extras - Party Bags, Invites, Catering, Dessert Tables, Cake

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    Add Ons…

    Fizazzle offers a range of 'Add On' services to further enhance your party from our eco-friendly decorations hirer to additional activities.   See below for a list of party add ons we feel are great if you want to add more to your Play Days Party Program.

    Frequently Asked Questions..

    Can’t find what your looking for?

    Mostly we bring everything we need.  The only exception is furniture.  For the activities we will use whatever furniture is available at the venue.  If you fear you do not have adequate furniture just top up $50 and we will bring along the furniture needed also.

    No not all the activities are facilitated, some of the activities are free play items that don't need a staff there to look after it.

    No, we will use tables available at the venue.  6ft standard tables will be required.  If you do not have suitable tables or will like young kids height tables then you may top up $50 for us to bring along all the necessary tables needed for the program.

    The adults are more than welcome to join in yes.  We encourage them to do so,  however we won't force anyone to join so its up to the individual.

    This Party Programs Set up takes approx. 30- 40 mins only.

    Yes, it is common that all ages will attend the party and the activities are definitely fun for all.  It states that its designed for under 4's as it is about attention span and how long the little ones can play/ focus on one thing.

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