Singapore Swingers

Fizazzle’s Singapore Swingers were first introduced during National Day in 2013.  Our Swingers are a mixed group of local and international talents who live in singapore and love it just as much.  This dance is a Flag dance and is all about being proud to be living in Singpaore.  So if your proud to be singaporean raise your flag and swing with us.  This dance has been used for other promotional purposes not related to the love of singapore so it can be adapted if needed.


No of Dancers : 8 Female Dancers

Show 1 Duration : 7 mins

Show 2 Duration : 8 mins

Music Track 1: Sing, Sing, Sing with a Swing

Music Track 2 : Various

Minimum Stage Space Requirments : 40 ft x 25 ft

Performers will arrive 1hr prior to show time


Please contact us with any questions or to book a date for your party.

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8121 4922

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