Roaring 20s – Gatsby Style Flappers

With the recent release of one of the most glamorous movies of all times, Great Gatsby is proving to be a big hit, bringing vintage glamour slap bang up to date!  Performing high energy, fully choreographed Charleston routines our Great Gatsby Girls are sure to add that air of elegance and energy to your evening.


No of Dancers : 5 Female Dancers

Show 1 Duration : 7 mins

Show 2 Duration :  8 mins

Music Track 1: Original Charleston, Bang, Bang from Great Gatsby

Music Track 2 : Various

Minimum Stage Space Requirments : 25 ft x 15 ft

Performers will arrive 1hr prior to show time


Matching Stilt Walker for Wlakabout or Welcome

Tray and Table Girls for cocktail service and meet and greet


Please contact us with any questions or to book a date for your party.

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